Sunday, March 8, 2009

Energy Vampires!

Frugal Tip Of The Day - Energy Vampires!

Trying to focus more on green living I have been researching "energy vampires". Energy Vampires lurk in just about every home. Energy Vampire is the term given to those electronic devices that continue to draw energy even when turned off and not in use! The typical household has about 20 vampires draining power and adding an average of $200 annually to your electric bill.

An example of some notorious energy vampires is:
TV's, DVD Players, VCR's, PVR's, Computer's, Cell Phone and Cordless Phone Chargers, MP3 Player's and Stereo's.

Fortunately there are a few VERY easy changes you can make to reduce this waste of energy and help save yourself some money in the process.

First, buy power strips and plug in as many energy vampires as possible. It's wise to make sure you have one around your tv area. You can plug in your TV, DVD Player, VCR, PVR. Have another to plug in your cell phone and cordless phone charges, MP3 player too! Don't forget your computer and printers!

Second, unplug as any of these appliances as you can and remember to turn the power strips off every night. Coffee Makers, Toasters and Microwaves are easy things to unplug each evening. Be sure to unplug as many as possible when you are away on vacation too!

So make these simple changes and you can see a annual savings of at least $200 while conserving energy in the process!

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