Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Hard To Be Frugal When....

....you have a very busy 4 year old boy! I had to share a personal story about my son who will be 4 in a week. I am all about saving money and maximizing my coupons to save as much as I can. That however, is proving to be just a little difficult with his latest phase, emptying things out! Yes, he has discovered the joy of emptying an entire bottle of shampoo or whatever he can get his little hands on. First it was on the stairs...a brand new bottle of shampoo of course! So I head back out to buy more shampoo...another $2 and make it a priority to keep the shampoo on the highest shelf in the bathroom closet. Fast forward a few hectic days later and I left the shampoo on the tub one evening. Of course that was just so tempting to my little guy and while I wasn't watching he snuck up to the bathroom and emptied yet another full, new bottle of shampoo into the tub this time. My first hint that something was wrong was the overwhelming scent of coconuts coming down the steps into the hall. So back out to the store I go and spend yet another $2 on shampoo making it $6 spent on shampoo within a week and a half time frame! Lovely...that's more than I spend on the kids shampoo in a month let alone a little over a week. Boys will be boys and naturally his mischief isn't limited to just shampoo. Over the past few weeks he has disposed of half a tube of toothpaste, 3 bottles of Bath and Body Hand Soap down the drain and a bottle of lotion that was squirted all over his bedroom window! I am hoping he grows out of this phase really soon! I guess this just makes me want to work harder to save money and find bargains and freebies. So please keep checking back as I post any savings I come across to my blog.

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