Thursday, March 26, 2009

MIA March!

What a month this has been for me! I started out on this great freelance writing venture I had been researching and planning for and got a great start...really! I have been happily writing articles and trying to post on this blog and develop a couple of new blogs (still in the very early stages). What I hadn't planned on is the very un-timely loss of my laptop this week. Yep, it's not fixable! It's funny how dependent we become on our computers every day. I email friends, research, WRITE, search for coupons and savings, make money and much more. So going for almost a week without it has been a major drag....on the flipside, my house is soooo clean! PS...I am borrowing my husband's work laptop...I was having serious computer/internet withdrawl! I should have my very own new laptop this weekend. Anyway, just wanted to post an update as to where I have been and why I haven't been posting regularly. I will be back on a regular posting basis next week and with a brand new laptop...yeah! So check back for more great money saving tips and please enjoy following my blog as I continue this great adventure in writing and blogging.


  1. Glad I could be helpful! :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog..and what a cool little bloggy home you've got here..I'll have to come back soon!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I am still new to blogging and you are my first comment..woohoo! Love your blog and have started reading///love the tattling and texting!