Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to my Frugal Mom's Guide to Saving Money

I am starting this blog as a way to share the money saving tips and ideas I have used over the years. In today's economy we can all use ideas about how to save money and make your dollar go further. This is especially true for mom's, both stay at home and those that work outside the house.
I would like this blog to be different in that I plan to post a daily "money saving tip" every day as well as new articles a few times a week.
So please keep watching as I get this blog set up. I will be adding to it frequently in the coming weeks.



  1. Donna!

    I read your post on Money Saving Methods. I am curious if blogging has been profitable for you? I'm thinking about starting a blog, but am curious if this is a way to make add'l income?


  2. Hi Gloria,
    I am just starting with my blogging and so far I haven't made any money. I have been and continue to research blogging for income and I know it can be done. It takes a good amount of work and in time it can happen. One thing I have learned is network and join other blog networking sites. I have just started this and already my traffic has significantly increased. From what I have learned the money comes from affiliate advertising. Please feel free to email me anytime at I would be happy to share more of what I have learned as well as the links to the affiliate websites. Several of them are advertised on my blog such as Logical Media. Please feel free to email...I would love to help. Although I am new and just learning I am happy to share what is working for me so far.