Sunday, April 5, 2009


Last month I began writing articles on ehow after spending about a month researching the website and looking for those who had been successful with writing for ehow. I have learned much this past month on ehow and how it works. My goal going into this was to publish 50 articles my first month and I came close, I had 37 articles published in March. Had my computer not crashed and left me without a computer for a whole week I am sure I would have met my 50 article goal. I am very happy with my progress and continue to make new writing goals each month. For April I am hoping to get to 75 articles...totally possible and a goal...goal's are important to have!
It's important to mention that one of the things I have learned is that it's not just about the quantity of articles you have published but more so about the quality and content of the articles you write. Researching popular topics and spending the time to write a really good content article typically averages an hour for me. Things like keywords and Search Engine Optimization as well as networking and promoting your articles are equally as important for success on ehow.
I have greatly enjoyed writing for ehow and now have signed on with several other websites to publish my articles. Blogging has become another favorite past time...both reading and writing.

When I was doing my initial research on ehow I cam across an excellent resource of information. An ebook written by ehow member Maria, aka WriterGig, titled "How To Earn Passive Income On Ehow".

Maria's ebook. was a great wealth of information to me in starting my journey writing for ehow. My earning's for my first month, March, were fair considering that I had only just begun. With continued quality writing and promotion I know I can create a nice passive source of income monthly.

My Current Ehow Articles!.

I will have a small post each month so you can follow my success on ehow!


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  2. Good for you! EHow is a great place to make extra money. I am also currently working on placing articles there. And you are right, quality articles do much better than quantity.
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