Thursday, April 9, 2009

Save Money...Grow A Vegetable Garden!

Today Michelle Obama, along with children from a local DC area school, planted a vegetable garden on the south lawn of The White House. I recently wrote an ehow article on this very topic. What a great way to save money by growing your own vegetables! And if you have children get them involved in this project. You will be teaching them the benefits of healthier eating and they can have fun working on the garden with you. Growing your own vegetables can add up to savings at the grocery store. If you're new to gardening then do some research and be sure to ask questions at your local garden center. Click Here to read the article I recently published on ehow to learn more about Saving Money By Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden.


  1. I really need to learn how to plant my own garden! Dont forget to vote for me daily at Hallmark Mother's Day Card contest!

  2. yes, I love having my own veggies. I blog about this too!