Monday, April 20, 2009

Search And Earn!

I am constantly looking for ways to earn money online and have been finding some great opportunities. I am starting off slow and learning as I go but wanted to share this one since it was so easy! Sign up for Swagbucks! You earn points for internet searches and referring friends, etc... I wanted to mention this since I just earned enough to get a $20 Target gift card and all I did was use swagbucks as a search engine. It did take me several weeks as the Target card was 220 points and my family did searches as well whenever they were online but I earned a Target Gift Card for doing normal internet searches. Worth the effort to me. If I can even earn one $20 gift card a month from normal internet searches that helps save us some money. Take a look at their site if your not already signed up!

Search & Win


  1. Hey thanks for the tip on searching to earn money...giftcards! Im signing up NOW! :)

  2. It takes awhile to save up enough points but I'll take a free gift card for using swagbucks as my internet search engine!