Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Free Kool Aid !


I just wanted to share my free bargain from grocery shopping yesterday. Our family drinks alot of Kool Aid...we don't buy soda...we prefer the kids drink Kool Aid, Juice or Water. So when I find a good sale price on Kool Aid...I stock up. Yesterday I as able to get 20 packets of Kool Aid mix for FREE and I love anything FREE!
We live in Ohio and our larger chain grocery store is Giant Eagle. They had Kool Aid packets on sale 10/$1 and I had two coupons I printed off for .50 cents off ten packets of Kool Aid. Giant Eagle doubles coupons up to .99 cents so I was able to get our Kool Aid for FREE! It definitely is worth the time to check out never know what valuable coupons you will find and how great a deal you can get on something combined with a good sale at the store!

1 comment:

  1. I love the 10/$1 even without a coupon. We've had that deal the last couple weeks here in Va as well. The kids don't drink a lot of it so the kool-aid will last most the summer. I make it by the gallon so we always have it when the neighbor kids come over and I use it to make popsicles.
    Great deal!