Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How I Earn Money Online

I am always looking for ways to earn money from home, especially online. For years now I have been able to stay home with my young children. I started off selling on ebay 8 years ago and this has been a decent stream of income for me. I have never been a power seller but I have made enough by selling my children's clothing that they have outgrown as well as selling children's hand made applique clothing. Over the years this has done very well for me. Earlier this year I noticed a big drop in my sales of custom made boutique clothing, which I attribute to the economy. That began my search for additional sources of income I could earn online from home. Below you will find links to some of the things I have done this year to earn money. I'll start with surveys. This has not been a big source of income for me as I had not expected it to but I do earn around $10-$20 a month from surveys...every little bit helps! Below are just a couple of the survey sites I have used. In addition to Dollar Surveys.


Next is Swagbucks...again, not a huge money earner but I have just started this a couple of months ago. I have already received a $20 Target Gift Card. I look at it as a way to cut back a little bit on our grocery bill since I used it to stock up on household cleaning supplies.

Search & Win

I am very new to Mr. Rebates and haven't earned anything with them yet..I will keep you posted on my progress. It's a great way to earn cash back for your online shopping at over 1,000 online stores! Check it out below...why not earn a few dollars on things you needed to buy anyway.

Mr. Rebates

Another way to earn some extra money that I have been enjoying is freelance writing and blogging. I have written many articles for ehow and my revenue continues to grow each month. I have earned $12 my first month, $20 my second month and my third month I earned $28. It keeps growing slowly. What I need to do is spend more time adding to my bank of articles. Ehow has affiliate ad links throughout their site and on your article pages. You receive a share of that ad revenue. It is my goal to build up my bank of articles to 300 this year.

Lastly, as I mentioned, I have been selling on ebay for many years. On a good month I have earned as much as $1000 or more and slower months maybe $200. It varies seasonally for me and obviously with how much listing I do at a time. This can be a great way to make some money by cleaning out closets, attics and basements. I have found that when I sell clothing my children have outgrown, I do better on ebay than at a garage sale. So take a weekend or two and do some cleaning, organizing and gathering...you will be surprised to see you can earn some money this way. And keep an eye out for things to sell at garage sales and consignment shops. I have often found things to sell this way too.
My Ebay Auctions!

Another thing I have done to earn money from home is babysitting. I have done this over the years and made a few hundred dollars a month while being home with my kids!

There are several ways to earn money online...for me they have been ways to make a little extra money from home which was my goal.
Good Luck!


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