Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Bank Offer...Bank Of America!


Another HOT bank offer! I recently posted about an offer from Chase bank to earn $100 by simply opening a checking account and either doing direct deposit or making a few debit card transactions. Well, I just found another one today! This one is from Bank of America and you can earn up to $100 by opening a checking account. You will earn $75 by opening a checking account and starting your account with $250 and making one debit card purchase within the first month. You can earn the full $100 by doing the same and do two online bill payments within the first month. I many checking accounts does someone need? I however NEED vacation money! Our annual trip to Bethany Beach is a little over a month away and I like to have enough spending money so the kids can enjoy the boardwalk rides and other fun activities and we can enjoy a week of eating dinner out at some great beach and seafood restaurants. What I am thinking of doing is using my ebay sales money to open this account since I already opened the Chase account. This means I will have gotten a total of $200 FREE in bank offers that I can put towards vacation. My husband also did the Chase offer so we will have earned $300 FREE! Follow the link may be a good way for you to earn some money too.

Visit Here To Learn More!

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