Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ebay Holiday Sale This Week Only!

Gingerbread on Ebay or order directly from here for $79.99

Boy's Snowman Applique...Overalls direct for $59.99

Girl's Snowman Overalls direct for $79.99

Santa Dress/Jeans...Fabrics will here only for $139.99

Poodle Valentine Dress....$49.99

Any of these design can be ordered me at and I can send a Paypal Invoice. Most are listed on ebay at special one week only SALE pricing. I am running a sale this week to celebrate the holiday season...Black Friday Deals! Shipping is 1-2 weeks...hurry...make sure to place your order soon for quickest shipping! Thanks...Donna!

See All My Current Auctions Here!
FREE Shipping on all custom boutique clothing and many have discounts that can be taken at the close of auction. There is still time to get my custom designs made for the holiday...shipping is 1-2 weeks...order early!


  1. I love the Santa Dress/Jeans! -Victoria from MBC Follow Me Club

  2. Soooo cute!! Subscribed to your feed via the Follow Me Club at MBC. Please visit me at Thanks!!

  3. Cute clothes! I'm following from MBC.