Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Much Are You Saving on Phone, Internet and Cable

Frugal Tip For Today: How To Save Money on Your Phone, Internet and Cable

Whether you are looking to save money because of a job loss or just trying to cut costs to have some extra money each, it pays to look at your phone, internet and cable tv services.

Let's start by taking a look at your phone have several options for savings here. If you are like me and rarely use your cell phone, I actually just like to have it for peace of mind while driving, then you should consider eliminating your monthly service and going to a pre-paid phone plan. Our cell phone plan had cost us $75 a month and one of those phones was a duplicate as my husband had a company paid cell phone for work. By not renewing our contract after it ended and going with a pre-paid phone we saved over $65 a month. We purchased pre-paid minutes at $30 for 3 months costing us $10 a month. That's quite a bit extra we were paying for something that simply wasn't used much.

On the flipside, if you are someone that does use your cell phone quite a bit then look at eliminating your land line and saving over $30 a month. Make sure you look at your cell phone plan to ensure you have enough minutes on the plan to cover what you'll need by going exclusively cellular.

At the very least look at your cell phone bill to find ways to save a few dollars each month. Consider skipping the texting and internet service. Look at how many minutes you are using and if you seem to have quite a few left each month, downgrade your plan to one with less minutes and is less expensive.

Bundle your services to save money and have them all on one bill each month. By combining cable, internet and phone with long distance through our cable company we saved over $30 a month and now only pay one bill. These plans typically average $100 a month but can vary by area. Switch to automatic online bill pay and save the postage....every bit helps.

Look at your cable you really need HD, Pay Per View and Premium Channels? Go back to basic cable and the savings will quickly add up here as well. Also, head to the library! You can borrow DVD's for free and save money on movie rentals. If you are really in a financial pinch you may want to eliminate your internet plan and use the free internet service at the library while you are there to borrow DVD's, Books and Magazines!

Saving money on these budget busters is easy to do by making just a few changes.

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