Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brown Bag It

Brown bag your lunch instead of eating out or running through the drive thru. Not only will you add money to your wallet but chances are you may lose a few pounds by skipping the fast food. Consider this...if you spend an average of $6 a day on lunch you will save:

$30 a Week
$120 a Month
$1440 a Year !!!

WOW...with an extra $1440 a year you can put that money away in savings, pay down debt or take a vacation! And you will be eating healthier lunches for weight loss with this simple change in your lifestyle. Give it a try...your wallet and waistline will thank you!

The same concept applies to those of you who love to have their morning latte! Considering you spend $4 a day on your latte you can save:

$20 a Week
$80 a Month
$960 a Year !!!

Making your own coffee each morning or grabbing a cup at the office can also pay off big over the year.

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